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I originally created this image in 2014 which is a remix based on the VISIT PALESTINE poster created in 1936 by Franz Krausz.

I’m doing a limited run of 24”x36” prints in hopes of raising funds for Doctors without Borders. By purchasing a print of this image, you not only acquire a rare piece of art but will also be contributing to the vital work of Doctors Without Borders. The funds raised will go towards supporting their efforts in providing medical aid to Gaza and the West Bank and providing comprehensive care.

We continue to call for an immediate and unconditional ceasefire for the delivery of urgently needed humanitarian aid. Medical facilities and personnel must be protected and respected; hospitals and ambulances are not targets. This is a catastrophy of apocalyptic proportions, possibly a genocide implemented through modern means of warfare that the world must help to bring to a HALT. Palestinians are NOT disposable.

Your support is a meaningful small step towards a world where the unjust impact of war on civilians, especially children, can be alleviated. Please consider supporting, sharing and spreading the word. ✌🏼- A

[The last paradox is that the tale of Palestine from the beginning until today is a simple story of colonialism and dispossession, yet the world treats it as a multifaceted and complex story—hard to understand and even harder to solve. Indeed, the story of Palestine has been told before: European settlers coming to a foreign land, settling there, and either committing genocide against or expelling the indigenous people. The Zionists have not invented anything new in this respect. - Noam Chomsky]

Printed in Iowa (10pt paper)
Designed in Los Angeles